Keep our rivers clean By Thomas Moir Community awareness campaign: Rivers are the ‘‘life blood of our community, landscape and environment’’ and should be properly maintained. Plant a rain garden, use a rain barrel to catch water from your roof, consider using permeable pavement in your driveway – runoff that stays on your property will not wash contaminants into streams and other surface waters. ‘Don’t be a Tosser!’ It’s a simple message, but many people make excuses to justify their littering behaviour. Let's take a look. Here are a couple of simple things you can do to make a difference: 1. In some places, these systems date back to the time of the Civil War. Don’t overuse … – KidsMakeADifference, TubShroom and SinkShroom Review: Say Goodbye to Drain Cleaner Forever, Increase in Wildlife Tourism: A positive step towards conservation. One of the biggest threats to water quality comes from aging infrastructure. Remember to keep our rivers clean! Public Review of the Colorado Flood Hazard Zone Delineation and Protocol . Tips for choosing a site can be found in the Helpful Hints section of this guide. Keep your car repaired. Capture water runoff with a rain garden and rain barrels. Nutrients from grass and leaves, pet waste, and fertilizers "enrich" our lakes and streams — feeding algae blooms and harming fish. One easy way to conserve water is to cut down on your shower time. Shade can reduce temperatures in small rivers by on average 2- 3C compared to … Parks with rivers running through them are good options since you won’t... 2. Follow us! Nature hasn’t designed rivers to be suburbia’s yard waste receptacle. So, anything that does down that drain ends up in the rivers where we swim, fish, and canoe. Never dump waste into a storm drain at the side of the road. If your car has sprung an oil leak, get it fixed. Greener Ideal helps you live your life in more sustainable ways with green living tips and commentary on the latest environment news. If you need help finding a cleanup site, please contact a local watershed association or outfitter, or American Rivers at Cleaning up Rivers Yourself 1. […] the garden, most of these chemicals find their way into streams and rivers as runoff, and from there into the […], […] also the air and water pollution to […], […] to help: Here, here, here, here, here, and […]. If you aim higher, you can start picking up trash from rivers but also start informing people on how to keep our water sources clean. What Will Further Accelerate the Advancement of Solar Power? Save money by converting your home to solar power. Conserve water. STEP 1: PLAN YOUR CLEANUP Choose a Site First, look for an area where there is a lot of litter (sadly, all too easy to find). Too much organic material clogs streams and when it breaks down, it can upset up the water chemistry. Dry your equipment for at least 48 hours before entering another watercourse. What is a Smart City and How Will They Help the... 4 Simple Ways to Unclog a Drain Without Harmful Chemicals. Greener Ideal helps you live in more sustainable ways with green living tips, commentary on the latest environment news, green product reviews, healthy recipes, and more. The best car washing solution for clean rivers is to go to a commercial car wash. Second, walk at least a stretch of the area to see how accessible it is for a group cleanup effort. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that not everyone feels that way, which is why more often than not, we find trash floating about in rivers which is not only unsightly but bad for the fishes and other creatures living in it. T he river Ganga originates in the Himalayas, roughly three hundred miles north of Delhi and five miles south of India’s border with Tibet, where it emerges from an ice shrouded cave called Gaumukh and is known as the Bhagirathi. Fun Fact: If you were to compare the relative volume of ocean water to fresh river water on our planet, the former would be an Olympic-sized swimming pool — and the latter would be a one-gallon jug. It flows right into our lakes and rivers. Sweep patios and sidewalks rather than spraying them with water. – Rehabilitate the water sources. How can we better protect these precious natural resources? Use mulch and vegetation to keep soil from washing away. 2. But most of the country’s lakes aren’t in picture postcard condition. ‘Don’t be a Tosser!’ It’s a simple message, but many people make excuses to … Mulch and compost grass clippings and leaves. Utilize biodegradable cleaning items. 7 Ways You Can Help Keep Lakes And Rivers Clean And Pollutant... make sure any used oil is properly recycled, don’t flush unused medicines down the toilet, your local farmer’s market and find organic farmers, The Negative Effects of Artificial Light on Wildlife [Infographics], 6 Products You Didn’t Know Had Sustainable Alternatives, The Real Cost of Technology and Why You Should Recycle Responsibly, Plastic Pollution Is Killing Our Planet – Here’s What You Can Do to Help, Albatross: A Film About the Plastic We Feed to All Animals, No Matter How Far Away They Fly, How to Get Rid of Garden Pests Without Chemicals – Greener Ideal, The Impact of Metal Extraction to the Environment, Economy, and Society - Greener Ideal, Helping Animals in a Lake or River Area! Also, don’t flush unused medicines down the toilet. Murray River Council is targeting litter reduction in 2020 and you can be part of the solution. Forty-six percent are polluted to the point where they’re unsafe for fishing, swimming or supporting normal aquatic life. Wish you were here.”. It will reduce acid rain, which is one of our biggest problems. Sign up for Gov Delivery emails on many MPCA topics, EDA: Guide to typical Minnesota water quality conditions, Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS). You have entered an incorrect email address! Use less water. Perhaps we shouldn’t have to remind folks not to litter, but still some people haven’t gotten the message. – Clean the rivers in their jurisdiction. The storm drain on your street collects the water from your roof, driveway, and sidewalk and funnels it directly in your local lake or river. Use environmentally safe cleaning products. Take your trash – keep our rivers clean. Frequent your local farmer’s market and find organic farmers. Water it in the morning and evening to save water from evaporation, and avoid watering sidewalks or other paved areas. At first, you can start small and just take care of your own household. Choose a location that is easy to access. The Village of Keremeos, the Town of Princeton and the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) are reminding residents and visitors to help keep our rivers clean. Review the 2020 Colorado Flood Hazard Zone Delineation Protocol. Innovation Alert: Living Concrete. Preserve established trees in your yard and neighborhood. Tina Arrowood shares a three-step plan to keep salt out of rivers - and create a circular salt economy that turns industrial byproducts into valuable resources. Find the best way to dispose of them locally. When you utilize biodegradable cleaning items, you are making a vote to ensure nature in a manner of speaking. Mulch and compost grass clippings and leaves. Wash your car on the grass, where the water will get filtered. Cities across the nation are dealing with sewer systems that are literally falling apart. We’re targeting litter reduction in 2020 and you can be part of the solution. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These are starting to turn up in local drinking water supplies. In June last year one of our members Kevin Bassford collected a bucket full of rubbish whilst on one of his marathon paddles in the upper reaches of the Swan River. All you need to do is follow these 7 ways to help keep lakes and rivers clean and pollutant free. Use mulch and vegetation to keep soil from washing away. That’s the bad news. The salt from industrial uses like this often ends up in freshwater rivers, making their water undrinkable and contributing to a growing global crisis. There are many ways to keep our rivers clean. Top 10 ways to save our rivers 1. If you live in an area where the utilities burn coal, switch to a green energy supplier. But when you do, keep in mind that our storm drains dump directly into local rivers and lakes. Storm sewers run directly into streams and lakes. Never dump wastes into a storm … Challenge yourself to take a shorter shower every day. Finally, why not take it a step further and volunteer for a river or lake cleanup day project? We want to protect the planet and reduce our collective carbon footprint. Practice cutting your showers down to 10 minutes, then 7, then 5. Cities across the nation... 2. 12 December 2019. 7 Ways You Can Help Keep Lakes And Rivers Clean And Pollutant Free 1. So as you prepare your lawn and garden this year, here are a few helpful tips to keep our lakes and rivers beautiful and safe for all of us. Treating rivers like that old rug has severe consequences. The river basin is the land surrounding a river and all water over the said area feeds... 2. We may collect a share of sales from items linked to on this page. Out on vacation, everyone loves sending a picture postcard of a pristine mountain lake to a friend with an inscription like, “Having a great time. The chemistry of our freshwater lakes and streams gets totally out of whack and fish kills are common, along with a host of other problems. Today there's a call for urgent action to Keep Rivers Cool by planting broadleaf native trees alongside river banks, creating dappled shading and stopping water from warming up. Compost yard waste and make sure it’s in bins so it doesn’t wash away during a heavy rain. This causes rivers and lakes to get a huge dose of nitrogen which makes algae grow abnormally. Go with natural fertilizers and bug killers and even then, stick to the directions and make sure you aren’t overusing or applying on days when they are likely to be quickly washed away by rain. 1. 4 Essential Tips to Build an Eco-Friendly Home, Falling in Love with Fall with Raw Apple Crumble. In a series of short articles, we will provide advice on helping to maintain the health of our globally rare chalk streams and lowland rivers in Norfolk. The best car washing solution for clean rivers is to go to a commercial car wash. Sweep or rake grass and leaves away from street curbs. During the winter of 2018-2019, one million tons of salt were applied to icy roads in the state of Pennsylvania alone. Your local environmental health agency, garbage hauler or solid waste department probably has drop-off locations or specially scheduled pickups for toxic household chemicals, like solvents, motor oil and paint. Never dump used motor oil, paint or household chemicals on the ground or in a storm drain. Find out which species are considered to be invasive here. We all see those oil spots on driveways and parking lots. Tuesday July 7th, 2020. Below Gangotri, the river’s path is one of increasing degradation. Soil can also be picked up by runoff, reducing the clarity of water and hurting fish. In soils with artificial drainage systems, this nitrate is conducted directly to streams and rivers. We all see those oil spots on driveways and parking lots. Wetlands act as a natural filter that keeps chemicals, excess nutrients and sediment from continuing through the water system, according to the Ecological Society of America. In the same way that dripping automotive oil ends up in the watershed, so does a large amount of the fertilizers and pesticides you use in your garden. Individuals can accomplish a lot by doing their personal best to keep our rivers and lakes clean and pollutant free, however, the biggest problems are with industry and agriculture.

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